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Nine Days
Nine Weeks
Nine Months
Holy Family WELCOME TO


Letters to God

At the beginning of each year, members write a letter to God to intervene or intercede for their pressing needs and challenges. These needs and requests are prayed over at each meeting (sitting on top of the altar of sacrifice) and  at the end of the meeting, the box containing the letters are kept at all time under the watchful eye of our Lord beside the tabernacle.
Members also thrive within the year that makes unbroken nine-months attendance to fulfill the requirement of the Novena. Many attend the entire twelve months which is a credit for them, which receive extra from God of Justice.

Some attend nine months broken or unbroken. God is our Judge; we can never know the work of God who is good to all.  At the end of each year, a feast is celebrated and the Holy Family Novena Prayer Group come together to feast and celebrate this happen the (Sunday after Christmas) we celebrate in a big way each year, letters are handed back to each member.
Each year members are rejoicing because of all their answered prayers requests.
We were founded twelve years ago