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Nine Days
Nine Weeks
Nine Months
Holy Family WELCOME TO



Development Committee: will develop to ensure adequate funding for the programs offered by Holy Family Novena Prayer Group, and to develop, monitor and review new fundraising initiatives as necessary for our development globally. The development committee corresponds with the CPA/ Finance officer. The offertory collection is not part of this Fund. That is the Mass stipend and is handled by the Priest only.

Eucharistic Ministers: duties, also called Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, help priests to prepare and to serve the Eucharist--Holy Communion--at Mass. The Eucharist is the Sacred Sacrament, which for Catholics and other Christian denominations becomes the body and blood of Christ with a priest's consecration of communion wafers and wine. While Eucharistic ministers are not ordained, their roles carry spiritual value. A Eucharistic minister's simple duties belie a sacred spiritual mystery, plus they organize and serve the food and tidy up after meals.

Birthdays and Deliveries: will keep track of every birthdays of every member of the Holy Family Novena Prayer Group. At each meeting we will pray and honor the celebrants for that month. We will arrange cakes at each assembly meeting.  We also will keep track of all expecting mother and organize a way of support for the family and organize a visit.

Social/ Music: Organize and co-ordinate the entertainment with music, presentations etc. they may assist hosts/hostesses planning the thanksgivings which will entirely be social, except Mass (there will not be rosary/benediction/holy hour on thanksgiving days).

Security Officers:  keeping order especially during Mass and Meals, co-ordinate sitting and movements during Mass. Assist arriving Holy Family Novena Prayer Group members in parking their cars.

Food Service Committee:  Duties, Consult with Holy Family Novena Prayer Group leaders to determine the food service needs via homeless and wherever food is need for poor and needy. Recommend food service to be provided. Develop and recommend policies and procedures related to food service. Communicate approved food service policies and procedures to the Holy Family Novena Prayer Group. 

Personnel for the food service program:  Recommend to the Budget (Finance) Committee the money needed for food service.  Coordinate the total food service operation of the Holy Family Novena prayer Group.  Evaluate food service and report to the church as needed. Assist the food service director. Assist in planning for an efficient system for making reservations and collecting money for meals.

Holy Hour and Songs: Bring fellowship and the spirit of God before the Mass between activities. Organize and lead chorused before and after rosary to benediction while confessions and anointing are being given.

Altar and Serving: Train altar Servers, serve and supervise setting of the altar and serving at the Mass.

Attendance of Members: Mark the present, and keep track of the absentees, call and find out why they were absent. Call members to remind them of the upcoming meeting. Give feedback to Executives.

Death/ Bereavements: Will identify any grieving member, organize and extend the group support. Arrange a visit and perhaps requests Mass for the deceased and the family.

Justice Committee: Settle disputes or conflict between members in the Holy Family Novena Group or among members in a family (Husbands and Wives), counsel children in need.  This committee keeps watch of interactions among members and when they notice an unfriendly development they privately call those concerned. Member who noticed an unfriendly relation can report to this to the group privately.   We must always respect Privacy and Confidentiality in all matters.

Brochures:  Obtain all the recent photos, addresses, telephone and fax numbers of all the Holy Family Novena Group Members and compile all together to produce a permanent brochure of the Holy Family Novena Group, plus provide a copy to each family.  This will be financed by a special fundraising by the Development Committee.

Religious Article:  Displayed always and available at every meeting. Is under the Development Committee and all profits go in the Holy Family Novena Trust/ Bank Account, for the development of the Holy Family Novena Prayer Group.

Family Consecration: planning ahead before each meeting for families who want to consecrate their homes to the immaculate heart Mary and Sacred Heart of Jesus. That is enthronement.