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Nine Days
Nine Weeks
Nine Months
Holy Family WELCOME TO


Holy Family Novena Prayer Group is made of Catholic Families who come together monthly at members’ homes to share and witness the word of God. During this meeting, there is Adoration, Benediction, Anointing, Confessions and Holy Mass. We take some time also to gather the teenagers and younger ones into a class where they receive instructions on faith and morals. Popular devotions like the Divine Mercy, Precious Blood, and Holy Rosary are prayed during these meetings.  The host families are enthroned and consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, thereby erecting a home sanctuary where the family gathers together for prayers and adoration.  NO GREATER SOURCE OF TREASURE FOR THE FAMILY.

Beginning of each year, members write letters to God requesting God to intervene or intercede for their pressing needs and challenges. These needs and requests are prayed over at each meeting.   The letters are kept in a box under the watchful eye of our Lord beside the tabernacle. Members try not to miss a meeting for nine consecutive months.   At the end of the year, at the Feast of the Holy Family (Sunday after Christmas) members celebrate in a big way as their letters are handed back to them. We have existed for twelve years. Record shows that at every end of the year, members go home with great joy celebrating the answers to some or all of their requests.

For more information Call Fr. Chris 453-6689 or Mrs. Edith Chuke 310-213-0738